All finishers will receive a groovy shirt and a special medal. And remember, in a Fixed Duration event, “there are no DNFs”… so if you participate, you get a medal!

Some of the awards for 2017 included a growler and RRCA Championship Medal for the overall winner and a really nice medal for all finishers.

Individual (solo) competition also includes a cash purse:

1st – $300
2nd – $200
3rd – $100

As an RRCA Championship Event, special RRCA medals will be award to first overall, top masters (40-49), top grand masters (50-59), and top senior masters (60+)

Additionally, there will be non-cash prizes for overall winners and top team

Special prize awarded to each team able to surpass 68 miles

Course Records

Note: These are from the course at Butler University. The 8-Hour Dream Endurance Race used a different venue for the first year.