Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions - Facilities

How late will the rec center stay open?

The Butler Health & Recreation Complex will close to the public at 9:00 p.m., but the wristband will allow participants to shower after the event. The Complex has agreed to keep staff late for our event.

Will non-runners be able to access the rec center?

Additional passes for the Butler Health & Recreation Complex will be available for friends and family wanting to enjoy the event.

How is the layout of the “Tent Village” determined?

The “Tent Village” layout is solely determined by Carmel Road Racing Group and not by first come first served. Your location will be shown to you during check-in.

Will food be sold on the property?

No, food will not be available for sale. Please plan ahead.

Will tents be provided to each team?

No. Teams will have to bring their own.

Will there be an aid station with ultra-type foods?

We will have bars, oranges, crackers at the start/finish area and sports drink on the course. Runners will be encouraged to bring their food/coolers and will be awarded space in the grassy area for their ‘camp’. Teams and individuals will be allowed to bring tents, blankets and chairs and space will be granted based on the date of registration.

Will the showers be open when we get done at 8 p.m.?

Yes! Showers will be available all day and into the evening.

Can I set up a table/area for myself with supplies and what not?

You have that option. It will become a campsite looking area with everyone sharing space, etc.

No charge to bring your own tents (10 x 10 maximum size). Tent locations will be assigned based on date of registration.

Should be fun!

Frequently Asked Questions - The Race

What type of surface should we expect?

The courses (long and short course) are both a combination of pavement and dirt towpath, with one section of true trail with a climb and descent.

Is there a minimum distance required for each team member?

Participants on Teams MUST complete at least one Short Course or Long Course lap.

How long will we be able to provide race support to team members?

Race support is allowed throughout the race and bicycles are allowed.

Can we bring our own food and pets?

Pets are allowed but must stay within your “tent village space” or on a leash if outside your area.
Coolers and food are allowed.

Do you just run around for 8 hours?

There are a 3.2 and 1.6 mile loops. You can run whichever as many times as you want/can. The person with the most mileage wins including age groups. You can take breaks, showers, swim during the event as well. The plan is up to you!

Are there age group awards?

Yes and no. Only the age group winner will receive an award since the field size is limited to 250 people.

If I wanted to do a “run a lap / walk a lap” system, would that be allowed or would I clog things up for those that are really serious about this sort of thing?

Not at all! In fact, that is what we expect is to have a lot of walkers especially during the second half of the event. No issues here.

What would someone need to have with them for an 8 hour event?

Our suggestions, food, cooler, change of clothes in case of weather, heat, etc., maybe a few friends or so to support, folding chairs to rest, towel in case you want to shower… anything you would take to a long relay race.

For the 8 hour endurance run, do we need to bring headlamps, or will the trail be lit?

No. With the new start time for 2016 (noon), headlamps will not be needed or required.