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2021 8-Hour Dream Endurance and Cat Nap 5K


~ Race Protocol UPDATES ~

We are excited to be moving forward with this year's race and we are working hard to make it a safe experience for all of us. 

Please read the following details about this year’s event. Each of the following details is very important and it is your responsibility to understand and ensure that you are able to follow all protocols for this year’s race. If you are unwilling or unable to follow the protocols, please email us HERE to learn about deferral options.

1. COVID-19 Waiver: An additional race waiver addressing Covid-19 will be emailed for review and agreement. We will need to have the waiver accepted prior to packet pickup. 

2. Social Distancing:  We all know the drill in order to beat the virus. Try to give everyone 6 feet of space during packet pickup, opening announcements, start line, on course, runner VIP area and finish. It's the right thing to do. 

3. Mask Wearing:  Per Governor Holcomb's and Mayor Hogsett's mandates, mask wearing will be required through July 17th and possibly longer.  This includes outdoor events when social distancing is not possible.  We will not require masks while running/walking on course but will require them during packet pickup/check-in, when using the restrooms in Hinkle Fieldhouse, during awards ceremonies and in the team tents as much as possible.  We also ask that your support crew wear masks in areas where they cannot properly social distance. All volunteers will be masked and those handling food and drink will wear gloves.

4. Start Line:  One benefit of a timed race event is that scoring is based on how miles are completed, not about your pace or how quickly you can get to the finish.  Even the elite solo runners will take breaks throughout the day for hydration, nutrition and rest.  Think turtle and the hare!  There is no penalty to 'social distance' the start.  Wait an extra 5, 10 minutes or more to give space to other competitors.  We have had runners start as much as 2 hours late because they knew they would not last the full 8 hours.

5. Course Water Stations: When you come to a water station, plan for a volunteer to fill your handheld water bottle or pick up a cup off the table. Do not touch the cooler spigots to fill your bottles.  These are special times so be prepared to spend an extra few seconds while taking course water and please thank the volunteers for helping out.

6. Finish Line/Medals Pickup:  When you decide you are finished, teams and solos must report to the Race HQ tent to officially exit the race.  Teams will need to return their batons to receive medals.  Only one member of the team is allowed to Exit the race and pick up medals.


The current state guidance about health and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic will allow us to hold this race and keep everyone safe. However, there is always a chance that their guidance will change drastically closer to our race date and we will have to cancel.  As mentioned, we have the green light from Butler with no outstanding issues or concerns.  

Safety is our #1 priority. That means we will have to be extra vigilant and extra strict to make sure everyone (staff, volunteers, and competitors) has a safe experience. Please note that we may adjust these protocols or add additional protocols to ensure everyone’s safety as we get closer to race day.

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