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Course Information

The 8-Hour Dream Endurance Race utilizes two different loops: the 3.11 mile "long course", and an abbreviated 1.89 mile "short course." Essentially, the short course makes a short-cut of the long course.

You may choose to run either loop as many times as you wish, and change to the other loop as it suits you. For more information on race rules, visit the Race Overview page. Strategy pays!

For runners who wish to complete a marathon distance:

Marathon distance (26.2)

  • 8 long + 1 short = 26.7 miles

  • 6 long + 4 short = 26.2 miles

Aid: There will be a fully stocked aid station at the start/finish (aka "Tent Village"). Additionally, there will be water on the course at the short course's split from the long course, and another water station at mile 2 of the long course.

Description: The course is basically sidewalks until you turn left onto the Central Canal Towpath from 52nd. The towpath is dirt/gravel. Turn right off the towpath and back onto sidewalks by the Butler athletic fields (Bulldog Rd). Then, it is time to choose! If you turn left, you've chosen the short course - back onto the towpath. If you go straight, good luck! That's the long course, and you have about a half mile on a quiet trail before you jump back onto the towpath.

Make sure to turn RIGHT and complete the out-and-back section. There's a timing mat at the end of this section, and that's how your long course loop will be counted. If you miss the mat, oops, you'll get counted as completing a short course loop.


After completing the out-and-back and a short jaunt up the towpath, the short and long course merge. There's a bit more towpath, and then you'll turn right, go over a bridge, turn right again, and... egads! It's a hill! Watch for the left turn into the trees! You will go up a pretty gnarly hill. That's Bulldog's Revenge and you get to do it during each loop. Go up to the bell tower, and then down the other side. It is up to you whether you come down the stairs or the trail next to the stairs. Left turn at the bottom, out to the road, two more lefts and you are back at Tent Village!! Congratulations! Do it again!


Important note: Yes, you MUST traverse Bulldog's Revenge on every loop. Don't get disqualified (DQed) from our fun day by trying to sneak around it on the road.


The course is well-marked, including the short/long course split and turn-around point on the long course. You do not need to memorize the course ahead of time - you'll know it by heart before the day is out.

Click here to download a Butler University Campus map.

Tent Village
Tent Village Information

These two overheads will give you a basic idea of how tent village is laid out on race day. 

Please see the Race Overview page for details on parking. It is recommended that all participants park in the parking garage located just south of tent village.

Note that tents (really canopies) need to be 10x10 max. Your location will be determined by race staff based on whether you registered as an individual or group, how early you registered, number of years you've participated, and... wait for it... how you did the previous year. Yes, top placement gets you a spot at the start/finish line itself.

Once the event begins, you are free to utilize other tent locations. So if you show up late and someone has squatted your spot, sorry. 

If we run out of official tent locations (and we did in 2017), fear not! There are various other unofficial places you may set up. Race staff will show you..

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