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The RC Cup

The RC Cup is a team coed running club competition taking place during the 8-Hour Dream Endurance Race.
  • Potential Contenders: Any running club that has a valid 501(c)3 designation

  • The Team: 6-person coed teams must be comprised of 3 men and 3 women

  • Team Members must have a current membership in the club. Participants may only represent one team.

  • Competition Details: Most miles at the end of 8 hours wins.  If teams record the same number of miles, the fastest time to complete said distance wins by default

  • No Additional Fee to Participate: Just check the box when registering

  • If a running club already has a team registered, the team size and participants can be altered to meet the The RC Cup requirements

  • The Bounty:  The awarding of the prestigious RC Cup to keep for a year.  Of course that means bragging rights and your team name and date placed on the trophy for years to come.

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