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Date: July 13, 2024
Location: Butler University, Indianapolis Indiana

Hinkle Fieldhouse - 510 W 49th St, Indianapolis, IN 46208

  7:30 AM - Tent Village opens for setup

  8:00 AM - Race Day Registration / Packet Pickup / Team Check-in opens

                    (Early Packet Pickup will be available at the Fleet Feet in Broad Ripple

                      on Friday, July 15 from 4 PM to 6PM)

  9:50 AM - Opening ceremonies and announcements

10:00 AM - 8-Hour Race starts!

10:00 AM - Cat Nap 5K starts!

  5:45 PM - Participant Post Race Food Opens

  6:00 PM - Race ends!

  6:00 PM - Bahler Family Band bluegrass concert

  6:50 PM - Award ceremonies

  8:00 PM - Event Ends 


Teams: Runners and walkers may compete as an individual or as part of a team. Teams categories include groups of 3-4 and 5-6. Teams will only compete against those in their own category. 

Solo: Because of the popularity of this event, we have decided to cap the Solo's at 200. The cap retains the space needed in Tent Village for all Solo runners. Register soon or miss out!


Parking: Free parking is available in the Hinkle Fieldhouse parking lot.

Course Information: The race utilizes a 3.11 mile “long course” and an abbreviated 1.89 mile “short course.” Visit our Maps page for all the details (and then some) about the course.


For runners aiming to complete marathon distance (26.2)

  • 8 long + 1 short = 26.7 miles

  • 6 long + 4 short = 26.2 miles

Tent Village Start/Finish Information: Visit our Maps page

Butler University Map: Click here to view a map of Butler University. Tent Village will be located in front of building #24 on this map.

Severe Weather Policy: We are a rain-heat-or-shine event. However, safety is important. If lightning and/or heavy wind moves into the area, we will halt the event until the storm passes.

  • We will use our weather apps to monitor conditions throughout the day.

  • If weather approaches, we will pause scoring to prepare and seek shelter.  All runners will have to stop after they finish their lap.  All canopies/tents will be lowered for safety and participants will be required to move into the HRC or Hinkle Fieldhouse.

  • Once the weather passes, we will restart the event but we will NOT restart the clock as the clock will continue to run during the weather delay. Therefore if the weather causes a 40 minute pause, the event now becomes a “7 hour and 20 minute race”.

Competition Rules
  1. Scoring will be determined by the number of laps FINISHED. When the race clock hits 8:00 hours, the race will officially end.  If participants are still on the course at the 8 hour mark, the uncompleted lap WILL NOT COUNT towards the total. The short course allows participants to accumulate mileage as the end of the event approaches with lower risk of missing cut-off.

  2. Participants can only register under one team and cannot run for multiple teams. A participant registered as an individual may not accumulate mileage for a team. All team additions or changes must be done prior to race day. If you need to make changes, please email Todd. Unregistered runners will automatically disqualify a team.

  3. A long course timing mat will be placed at the turnaround point on the Towpath. If you do not cross this mat, your distance for the lap will automatically be recorded as the short course distance.

  4. Teams will be issued triathlon-style timing straps that will need to be exchanged from team member to team member in order to be scored. The official exchange zone is just past the finish line – this is the ONLY area where teams can exchange the timing strap.

  5. In the event of a tie in mileage, the winner will be the runner or team that crossed the finish line first on the last lap.

  6. Stay on course! If you accidentally miss a turn, you must go back to the place where you diverged from the course and rejoin. Related to this, you must go up “Bulldog’s Revenge” (our signature hill heading up to the bell tower) each time through, whether you are doing the short course or long course. There will be no credit for laps where you do not complete the official course. Don’t risk disqualification by skipping the hill.

  7. On the downhill side of Bulldog’s Revenge, participants may choose to use the stairs or the trail to the right of the stairs. Both are officially A-OK. "What goes up must come down.”

  8. There will be absolutely no littering  – not on the course, and not in tent village. Littering will disqualify you. Do not drop gel packets, do not throw cups… either place trash in the receptacles or take it home with you. And when you pack up at the end of the day, take out everything you brought in. Thanks!

Other Guidelines
  • It is preferred that all team members be present during team check-in.

  • Minimum age for individual (solo) participants is 14 years. Minimum age for team participants is 10 years.

  • All finishers receive a medal regardless of how many miles they completed. Medals will be distributed at the end of the event or when the participant determines they are finished. To officially withdraw from the event, the timing chip must be returned to timing and scoring.

  • All participants will receive a wristband during check-in. The wristband will also serve as your entry into the beer garden (for those over 21), and into the showers at the Butler Health & Recreation Complex.

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