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9th Annual 8-Hour Dream Endurance Race & Cat Nap 5K


Thank you for registering for the 9th Annual 8-Hour Dream Endurance Race or Cat Nap 5K! Below are the final race details you should know.  Please share with team members if you registered a team under one email.

Attention TEAMS: please make sure all of your team members are registered prior to midnight Thursday, July 13th.  We still have a few incomplete teams and we need ALL relay runners to be registered in the system.  If you need a registration link for your members so they can register directly onto your team, email Todd here

Friday Packet Pickup:

Event Day Timeline:

  • Race Date:   Saturday, July 15

  • Location: West side of Hinkle Fieldhouse on the Butler University campus (510 W 49th St, Indianapolis, IN 46208) directly in front of the Health & Rec Center

  • 8-Hour Dream Start Time:  10:00 AM

  • Cat Nap 5K Start Time:  10:00 AM (starts with the 8-Hour Race)

  • Tent Village opens for setup: 7:30 AM

  • Race Day Registration/Packet Pickup/Team Check-in:  8:00 AM

  • Opening ceremonies and announcements:  9:50 AM

  • Participant Post Race Food Opens:  5:45 PM

  • 8-Hour Dream ENDS:  6:00 PM

  • Bahler Family Band bluegrass band concert:  6:00 – 8:00 PM

  • Award Ceremonies (in front of the band):  6:50 PM

  • Event Ends: 8:00 PM

On Course Hydration + Medical:

  • Gatorade and water will be offered at the start/finish line area at the Gatorade Station

  • On course WATER stop #1 is located at the Long Course / Short Course split

  • On course WATER stop #2 is located on the Tow Path on the Long Course

  • Indianapolis EMS will be on-site with medical parked at the start/finish as well as on course on a medical cart throughout the day



Free parking is available in the Hinkle Fieldhouse parking lot. 

Tent Village:

All tent locations are pre-assigned by the event staff.  If you are in the wrong location, you will be asked to move

  • Maximum tent size is 10x10.  All tents larger will be required to move to an alternative location

  • Tents can be shared by TEAMS and SOLO runners.  In fact we encourage it

  • Once the event begins, you are free to relocate to open tent areas

  • All areas outside of the Tent Village are available at a first come, first serve basis.  These areas include next to Hinkle Fieldhouse, shaded area south of Tent Village across from Claddaugh, etc.


Tent Location Assignments:

Tent locations are being finalized and will be sent next week.

Course Information:

The race utilizes a 3.11 mile “Long Course” (5K) and a 1.89 mile “Short Course. The first lap of the race for everyone including the Cat Nap 5K runners will be on the Long Course.


Severe Weather Policy:

We are a rain-heat-or-shine event. However, safety is important. If lightning and/or heavy wind moves into the area, we will halt the event until the storm passes.

  • We will use our weather apps to monitor conditions throughout the day.

  • If weather approaches, we will pause scoring to prepare and seek shelter.  All runners will have to stop after they finish their lap.  All canopies/tents will be lowered for safety and participants will be required to move into the HRC or Hinkle Fieldhouse.

  • Once the weather passes, we will restart the event but we will NOT restart the clock as the clock will continue to run during the weather delay. Therefore if the weather causes a 40 minute pause, the event now becomes a “7 hour and 20 minute race”.


Competition Rules and Guidelines:

All participants must review the rules and guidelines prior to Saturday.  They can be found HERE: 

Timing & Scoring Notes:

  • Starting before 10 AM is PROHIBITED. Only mileage obtained between 10 AM – 6 PM will be recognized and scored

  • To be scored for the 3.11 distance, you MUST cross the timing mat at the turnaround.  If you do not get recorded by the timing mat, you will be scored the Short Course distance

Using the Health & Rec Center (HRC)

  • FREE showers are available ALL day for participants.  You MUST bring your own towel as no towels will be provided by the Health & Rec Center (HRC).  Please plan accordingly.

  • Participants ARE NOT allowed to use the pool, weights or any cardio machine, only the showers.  Butler has been a great partner for the event in offering free showers.  Please don’t abuse our relationship with them.


NEW: Chick-fil-A Order Station: onsite from 11 – 2 PM. 


  • Original sandwich - $5.50

  • Spicy sandwich - $6.00

  • Waffle Potato Chips - $2.50

  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie - $2.00

  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie - $2.50

  • Veggie Wrap - $9.00


Beer Garden, Food, & Post Event Fun:

  • You must show ID to get into the Beer Garden. ESG Security will be applying wristbands throughout the day.

  • Boston Brewing Co. Beer and Truly Hard Seltzer will be served all day.  If you decide to enjoy a beverage, please use the #CRRGevents to share or post on our FaceBook page

  • The post race party is hosted this year by Chick-fil-A.  All participants will receive Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.


Team Rules of Note for 2023:

  • The Rotation Rule - All TEAMS must submit a paper running order during packet pickup then run in the order listed on the submission.  Coed teams must alternate gender as best as possible. CRRG will provide the official running order form during race week.  Additional details to follow including injuries, penalties, etc.

  •  Show me the 5K Rule- All TEAMS and SOLOS must run the first lap on the LONG COURSE making the first lap at 10 AM a 5K for everyone.  Additional awards will be given to TEAMS and SOLOS based on their first lap, 5K results.

  • Team exchanges MUST take place just past the start/finish line making the loop complete prior to the hand off

  • Team members cannot be added throughout the day.  Roster checks may take place in the exchange zone


When you decide to quit, turn in your baton (Teams) or check in at the Race Headquarters for your medal or belt buckle.  Thank you again for joining us and for setting a new registration record for the event.

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